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2017 Ramblings

2017 held both the dark and light for me. Without one, you can’t know the other. I am thankful for everyone in my life that played a part in this past year.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I figure I’m trying hard enough every day, I don’t feel that putting unnecessary pressure on myself to be “better” is being kind to me. I’m fine just the way I am. And when I know better, I do better. ‘Nuff said. I will, however, reflect on lessons learned this past year.

  1. Evil exists. I always assumed people were inherently good. They are not. Evil disguises itself as love. The flags are there from the beginning.

  2. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! Do not try to silence your inner voice with rationalizing. This is the hardest part because you want to believe. RUN LIKE HELL!

  3. I deserve everything I desire. Everything. All of it.

  4. Number 3 exists. I will not settle. I trust and have faith that after a goodbye, a hello awaits.

  5. Crying is healthy. I spent many many years believing that crying would lead to a break of some sort. It’s completely opposite. The more I tried to keep it all in, the more broke I became.

  6. Cry some more.

  7. Let your friends in. Call a friend and let them be your strength.

  8. Real friends show up. They show up in the middle of the mess. They bring groceries. They just sit and let you be.

  9. The sun shines again.

  10. You became stronger than you were before.

  11. Realize your worth.

  12. Have firm boundaries.

  13. Don’t apologize for being authentic. Celebrate it. You may not be for everyone and that’s okay.

  14. Keep a soft heart.

  15. Love more.

  16. Give more.

  17. Tell family and friends you love them more.

  18. Roar when you need to roar. Unapologetically.

  19. Take the time to reflect.

  20. Skate!

  21. Workout. It really does become a habit.

  22. If it no longer serves you, let it go with love.

  23. Ask for what you want. If they walk away, you weren’t going to get it anyway.

  24. Say what you need to say.

  25. Find a “Brian”. Brian is my god-send of a therapist. Don’t find just any therapist, find yourself a Brian. You will know it when you find him/her.

  26. Water seeks its own level. Don’t swim in the shallow end.

  27. Stay hopeful.

  28. Push onward. Every little step adds up to a marathon.

  29. Live big. And when you think you’re living big – live a little bit bigger.

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